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Tooth Whitening Treatment

Dr. Coleman's office offers ZOOM Whitening Treatment  that is guaranteed to make your teeth seven shades lighter in about an hour. 

To minimize sensitivity, you will be instructed to start using a fluoride treated toothpaste for two weeks prior to the 90 minute appointment. 


The Day of the Appointment:

Before the treatment is started, "before" pictures are taken. This is followed up with an impression of your teeth so that a customized bleaching tray can be made on-site for the top and bottom.

Protective eye glasses are placed on the patient.  We offer XM radio and nitrous oxide to keep you comfortable during the treatment. 

The ZOOM Whitening Treatment  takes about an hour where UV light is shined directly on your teeth. This may produce short-term sensitivity, which usually lasts about a day.

After the procedure is done, we take "after" pictures for comparison. If you are not completely satisfied, Dr. Coleman can treat the area again on a follow-up visit.